The brand


Fuster’s Eyewear was born in Mallorca as the first spanish firm dedicated to the design and manufacture of intelligent sunglasses. The brand name comes from “fuster” which means carpenter in catalan, in honor to the legacy of our ancestry artisans who worked wood in the Balearic Islands, core material of each of our original products. 



Every story has an origin, and in our case, the first collection is intended to convey the Mediterranean feel of the archipelago, with a much defined line in mind for each of our distinctive line islands.



Fuster's Eyewear it's the materialization of an idea that set sails from the port of tradition in search of new horizons, innovation and originality. A desire to learn about the finest materials such as wood and leather, and to renew them with passion and dedication through the application of new technologies, not only in manufacturing, also in the interactive use between human and glasses. Provide innovation to our product is our biggest goal to give greater value to it.


Our flagship project is Fuster's Connect, an I+D project which we dedicate great efforts to make posibile a dream that began with a "If you imagine...".Never before, optical fashion and mobile technology had been fused as we imagine. The dream is now a reality.



The innovation legacy reflects in the concepts that aim to create a new lifestyle, a new way to see and to be seen, covering an historical heritage.

Fuster's Eyewear® is a registered trademark of MVisio Group®.